The Proposal

Ever since Pauline was little, she has played with her stuffed animals, animating them by hand to give each one its own personality. Among her favorites are Poe, a polar bear, and Plopper, a Ty Pluffy we purchased while visiting Sausilito, California for our first anniversary. Truth be told, I wasn't particularly fond of these animals. Whenever they came to life, we just couldn't seem to get along (I think they were jeaulous of me). Still, Pauline loved them, so I put up with them. When I decided to ask Pauline to marry me, I called a temporary truce with Poe and Plopper, and enlisted their help in the proposal.

One day in mid-December, I decided to stay home from work to surprise Pauline with a romantic dinner, dessert, and a movie. She had been wanting to watch The Devil Wears Prada for awhile, so I stopped by the local video store to rent it. The dinner menu included chicken parmesan, salad, wine, and for dessert, a pumpkin cheesecake I made from scratch! After dinner, Pauline sat down, thinking we were about to watch The Devil Wears Prada, but instead, I popped a different DVD in the player. You see, earlier that day, Poe and Plopper helped me to make a short movie (click below to play).

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The cards are easier to read and our pictures are less blurry in this version of the video (it's almost 350 megabytes and could take 5-15 minutes to download, so please, be patient.)

Much to my delight she said, "Yes!"

I must admit, not everything went smoothly that day. I had to shoot multiple takes with Poe and Plopper. We had a few "creative differences" when it came to the script and overall direction of the project. Here's their original vision.

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